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WE DO NOT SELL OR DEAL WITH ANY MILITARY EQUIPMENT! is an UNOFFICIAL NON-PROFIT INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY site about the weapons, vehicles and equipment in the Swedish Armed Forces.
All services at are free.

The purpose of is to describe the equipment used in the Swedish Armed Forces to the public. The main target groups are those who soon will enter their conscription service and those who have a general interest in such equipment. With personal opinions, about the equipment, is not just another arms catalogue publishing factory data. We apologize that the information only is available in Swedish. Translating the whole domain into English would be a very time consuming task and is not planned at the moment.

Most pages are written by former users of the specific item who are allowed to have personal opinions and point out good and bad things about it. This makes much more alive and interesting. does not cover every little item in the Swedish Armed Forces, but the most interesting equipment. The information is held short and often linked to specialized sites dedicated to the equipment in question. This makes easier to read without getting lost in small details, which the average user is not interested in, but also a good portal for visitors who have a more advanced and specific interest.

The most popular items are usually the more basic soldier equipment, i.e. a description about a rucksack or a hat generally raises much more attention from the visitors than a main battle tank or helicopter. Probably because there are many existing sites about the advanced equipment and also that the visitor usually have personal experience with the simple equipment.

SoldF Forum

The message board, SoldF Forum, is now by far the most popular part of The SoldF Forum has over 8,400 registered members(2014), and many more non-registered reading guests. Many members are very skilled and almost all questions concerning the Swedish Military can be answered in just a few hours.

There are some plans to make an international area of the forum for international visitors to ask questions. The forum has an English interface which can be selected in the user preferences once registered and it is ok to ask questions in English.
The majority of the members are Swedes but there should not be a problem to speak English with them.
Visit the SoldF Forum >>

Chat also has a free live chat. Although the main conversation is in Swedish, it shouldn't be a problem talking English to the people in the chat.
Most visitors are online in the chat between 9 PM -1 AM (GMT), but there are people present almost 24-7.
Or use a stand alone IRC client and log on to
irc://IRC.DAL.NET channel: #soldf

Brief History

Different versions of SoldX/ 1997-2002. was launched June 1997 under the name SoldX by the creator Henrik Svensk. The site rapidly became popular among people who were soon to enter their conscript service.

In the year 2000, when internet access and PC -computer was available in almost every home, SoldX became Visitors increased this year from 70-80 visitors/day to over 300.

In 2002 an advanced forum system was implemented. This made the site much more informative and interactive. The number of visitors for start page reached 1,500-2,000 /day and the number of registered members is now over 8,000.

Interesting in buying Swedish military equipment? has a dedicated page to well known Swedish and international Military e-shops and surplus dealers. Most Swedish companies will ship internationally and can correspond in English, even though the sites usually only are available in Swedish. Military Web shopping>>

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